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Airbus Defence and Space Builds Optimized Author Environment with Xeditor

Posted: 11 Apr 2017 07:30 AM PDT

Xpublisher Inc. and Airbus Defence and Space GmbH have announced the completion of the first phase of development of an optimized authoring environment for technical documentation. The prototype uses Xeditor in the area of ​​”Technical Information and Data Combat A/C” in Manching, to create technical documentation for various military aircraft. The companies expect to simplify the handling of formal framework conditions by technical authors involved in the Xeditor project, and are working towards development of an optimized user interface. The editor supports the procedural schema of the international technical standard S1000D.

Airbus Defence and Space, a division of Airbus Group, manages defense and aerospace products and services. The division was formed in January 2014, during the corporate restructuring of European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS). It comprises of the former Airbus Military, Astrium, and Cassidian divisions. It is the world’s second largest space company and one of the top ten defense companies in the world.

"Xeditor provides an intuitive user interface that allows the author to edit the documentation without having to know the details of XML schemas," explained Thorsten Kaup, Airbus Defence and Space.

"We are delighted to have won a new customer for technical documentation in the field of aeronautics and space," said Matthias Kraus, Managing Director, Xeditor.

Xeditor, the web-based WYSIWYG editor, allows authors to create and edit XML/DITA documents intuitively without any technical knowledge. Xeditor effortlessly integrates into other pre-existing systems (CMS, PIM, etc.) and is fully customizable.

Xpublisher Inc, based in Munich and Seattle, offers software solutions for XML-based jobs and publishing. The development of modern and open software architectures allows flexible and tailor-made customer solutions. In addition to Xeditor,  Xpublisher Inc. provides Xpublisher, a cross-media editorial system that creates and manages content and other digital assets in a media neutral  system to consistently separates these from publication channels. Xpublisher offers a high degree of automation and a range of connectors with a range of content management, document management and database systems.

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