Z is for 'Zangbo and Zing Zing Bar' and more

Posted: 30 Apr 2017 12:31 AM PDT

We are here at last - the end of the alphabet - at Z...!!!
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Z is for 'Zangbo and Zing Zing Bar'  - I am sure almost everyone must be wondering what I am talking about (save for the rare few who might actually know!). 'Zangbo and Zing Zing Bar' is one of the around 250 movies made under the umbrella of the CFSI (Children's Film Society of India). This was, I think, the first 'made-for-children' movie that I saw as a child and somehow, that fact, as well as the setting in which we watched it - it was, as I recall, a special treat for all of the kids at school on a school-day afternoon - made this movie a memory for a lifetime for me!! It is a movie about a boy named Zangbo and his pet dog (Zing Zing Bar); and their adventures. Sadly, many of these CFSI movies are not as well-known or popular as main-stream Indian movies (of any language) and there are many gems waiting to be discovered. As I looked through the catalogue of movies, I realized I have barely seen a handful of them myself. 

And while I am not sure how or where I can get to watch this  particular movie again with my kids, this movie's title did help me come up with a Z post and I am glad for that:) And we are definitely watching other Indian children's movies together to make more memories (as well as reading the books where the movies are based on books - that is very important for me - read the books first where possible before the movies; but if not, read the book anyway and you might find the book is better)!!

Some of the movies we have watched together and enjoyed in the past few years: (note, some of these are movies made for children - though not CFSI, while others are just regular movies which all of us enjoyed) and I am only listing movies in Indian languages here:
Chillar Party
Taare Zameen Par
Piku (and for those of  you who have seen this, don't ask me why but the kids loved this one!!)
The Blue Umbrella (the movie is as beautiful as the book it is based on! - Ruskin Bond  - thank you!)
Andaaz Apna Apna

Some movies that I watched as a kid I would like to watch with my kids now (though not sure of their reactions to some of them!!):
Rikki Tikki Tavi
Masoom (both the older and newer ones)
Jungle Book (the original animated movie)
My Dear KuttiChathan (India's first 3D movie and it was a huge deal!)
Putaani Agent 123 

And there are many more movies to watch and books to read. Including the title movie of this post, and the book it is based on (today's discovery for me) - 'Adventures of Zangbo and Zing Zing Bar

Q to the reader: What is your favorite 'made-for-children' movie - in any language? Have you seen the movie in the title of this post? or any of the others mentioned?

Signing off on Day 30 and the letter Z as I end the #AtoZChallenge  and #UltimateBloggingChallenge !!!!

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