I is for Indrajal Comics

Posted: 10 Apr 2017 10:11 PM PDT

For the letter I, it is Indrajal Comics. For kids who grew up in India in the 1980s (and definitely earlier), the superheroes they knew more than Superman or Batman were Phantom (aka The Ghost Who Walks), Mandrake the Magician, Bahadur, Flash Gordon (not the Flash from today's CW series, incidentally one of my favorite shows on TV!),  Rip Kirby, Dara, and more from the Indrajal Comics. These were published by The Times of India from  March 1964 to April 1990, from Phantom to Dara, in multiple Indian languages.  Many were saddened when the last issue was published but we hold onto the comics we do have, and read them and re-read them, and read them all over again with our kids. Between my brother and I, we do not have too many of our original Indrajal Comics remaining now (thanks to many lost in the black hole of borrowed-land) but we treasure the few that remain and I scour for old comics in second hand bookshops whenever I can during my trips to India - both of us siblings hoping to recreate the magic, the fun of reading these comics with the next generation.

Phantom Indrajal Comics
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Dara Indarajal Comics Last Issue  
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Q to the reader:  Who is your favorite Indrajal comic hero (if you have read these comics)? For me, it is Mandrake. If you have not read these comics, who is a favorite comic book hero from those that you have read?

Signing off on the letter I (a little later than planned!) as I continue on the #AtoZChallenge and #UltimateBloggingChallenge 

H is for Housie

Posted: 10 Apr 2017 05:15 PM PDT

For the letter H, I bring you Housie: 'Mr. & Mrs....55', 'Murgi chor, number four', 'All the threes, 33' and so many more phrases come to mind when I think of the countless rounds of Housie (or Tambola and very similar or almost the same as Bingo here in the US) played in the club in our colony as a child. There were a few rare instances when I did win - and on those occasions, it never rained, it poured and I usually ended up winning row after row, or four corners or more followed by the full house! Well, those instances can be counted on the fingers of a hand easily but they were (and are) memorable indeed.
Waiting for the aunty who invariably read out the numbers each time while she pondered over the phrase to use (she usually used the standard phrases for calling out Housie numbers but I think sometimes invented new ones relevant to what was happening in our sleepy little town too:)) made each moment as long as an eon - will the next number be my lucky one? or not? Cheers and oh-ohs!! filled the air with every number read but always always fun...
You can find some Housie number calls here

Q to the reader:  .Have you played games of chance like Housie/Tambola/Bingo? What is your favorite memory of the same - a near loss or a great win??

Signing off on the letter H (a little later than planned!) as I continue on the #AtoZChallenge and #UltimateBloggingChallenge 
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