“Two teenage boys” talking about women


October 18, 2016

Melania Trump likened her husband's derogatory comments to "two teenage boys" talking about women. The Czech Republic really wanted a new name and changed it while you weren't paying attention. And Netflix has no plans to chill  it says it’ll spend $6 billion producing its own shows in 2017.



Melania Trump said that her husband only made derogatory comments about women because he was egged on.

In her first interview since the release of a 2005 video that captured her husband bragging about making unwanted sexual advances on women, Melania defended Donald and said she believed Billy Bush egged him on. (NBC News has fired the Today host after the lewd comments leaked.)

Melania also referred to her husband’s comments as locker room banter, saying, “Sometimes I say I have two boys at home. I have my young son, and I have my husband.”

The accounts of the women who accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct are false, Melania Trump continued, and are part of a bigger conspiracy by the media and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to destroy his candidacy.



Hillary Clinton is holding her fire against the Republican Party, even as her own campaign signals tougher talk. President Barack Obama has been the one to make the most forceful case against Trump as a symptom of the modern GOP, arguing that it enabled his rise.



Fancy Bear — the Russian group hacking the US election.

Fancy Bear used a spear phishing attack simulating a Google password reset form to enter the email systems of the DNC and top Clinton staffers. It’s the first time in history that Washington has accused a foreign government of trying to influence the US election.

The group developed their hacking skills over nearly a decade, beginning close to home in Georgia and Ukraine before testing targets in Germany and France, and then finally attacking the US. 

A Pentagon official warns that Fancy Bear's hack is Russia "taking the gloves off," amid concerns that the hack will set off a spiraling cyberwar. BuzzFeed News’ Sheera Frenkel investigates.

BuzzFeed News; Getty



Netflix has no plans to chill — it plans to spend $6 billion producing its own shows in 2017.

The streaming service is promising two big highlights: For viewers, there’ll be 1,000 hours of original new shows, part of a planned $6 billion in spending on content. And for investors there’ll be serious profits for the first time in the company’s history.

Netflix's revenues are still rising fast, hitting $2.3 billion in the last three months, as it added more than 3 million new subscribers. But it's still not very profitable: That $2.3 billion in revenue translated into just $52 million in profits.



  • Rolling Stone trial: Attorneys defending Rolling Stone in a libel case will be allowed to use a controversial interview between a student journalist and Nicole Eramo, the University of Virginia administrator who is suing the magazine over a retracted article about campus rape.

  • Russia’s embassy in the US has really stepped up its troll game on Twitter.

  • Czech this out: The Czech Republic really wanted a new name and changed it while you weren't paying attention — long live Czechia.

  • PepsiCo is accelerating its plans to move away from sugary drinks, pledging on Monday that two-thirds of its drinks will contain fewer than 100 calories of added sugar by 2025.

  • Fashion: Online giant Asos reported sales of £1.4 billion but didn’t directly address allegations uncovered by BuzzFeed News that it live-monitors staff and uses “exploitative” contracts. And a 22-year-old designer has created a hijab fashion line called Skin that aims to be inclusive of all races. It also caters to men.

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