Trump goes poll truther


October 25, 2016 

Donald Trump keeps questioning polls and insisting he’s winning — even as most show him consistently behind. Confused refugees in the “Jungle” camp in Calais, France, try to hold on. And who’s behind the dating site that accused Julian Assange of pedophilia?



Confused refugees question what’s next as French authorities clear out the “Jungle” camp in Calais. 

As darkness fell on the refugee camp in northern France, people lined up around a block of tents daubed with graffitied pleas for help.

Heavily armed police were stationed at the entrance of the camp, with an extra 3,000 expected to be drafted into the port town this week. Smoke billowed from among the tents. Yet none of the people BuzzFeed News spoke with knew what their fate would be. Reporters Aisha Gani and Ryan Broderick report from Calais.

The UK’s Home Office has “temporarily” stopped taking unaccompanied child refugees from Calais, potentially leaving hundreds stranded in a camp due to be demolished today.

As darkness fell on the Calais

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Donald Trump goes poll truther.

The Republican presidential nominee keeps questioning polls and insisting he’s winning — even as most show him consistently behind nationally.

“First of all I think we’re winning. I actually think we’re winning, despite what you hear from these very dishonest people,” he said, referring to the media.

Some Trump supporters are harassing journalists on Twitter by tweeting pictures of them with a red X over their faces and including them on the hashtag #TheList. The alt-right has adopted an old Nazi term for reporters. And here’s what tech leaders think about Trump.

And a little extra.

Jay Z is holding a concert for Hillary Clinton in Ohio aimed at mobilizing a group she’s struggled to excite: black voters.

And at a Clinton rally on Monday afternoon, Sen. Elizabeth Warren unleashed a rant against Trump, his alleged instances of sexual assault, and his statement during the last presidential debate that Clinton is, as he put it, a “nasty woman.”



Who’s behind the dating site that accused Julian Assange of pedophilia?

Who are Todd and Clare Hammond, and why are they leveling false charges against the WikiLeaks founder? That’s the question following last week’s bizarre news that the people behind the tiny online dating site abused their membership of a UN program to publicize a Bahamian sex crimes investigation into Assange.

Police in the Bahamas said the investigation doesn’t exist — and WikiLeaks subsequently released a trove of documents that, if genuine, show a Todd and Clare representative attempting to blackmail Assange. BuzzFeed News’ Joe Bernstein explains.

"Date them!"


Wall Street has joined Washington in raising doubts that AT&T’s $85 billion deal to buy Time Warner will really happen.

Time Warner stock fell 3% Monday and is now trading 19% lower than the price AT&T has said it will pay to buy the company. The discount suggests many investors have doubts that the deal will ever happen, with one onlooker saying it implies the market is giving it a 40% chance of success.

“There’s certainly doubt,” one chief investment officer told BuzzFeed News. “There’s risk being priced into the market that it doesn’t get done.”



The lawsuit was dropped after published a retraction and formal apology for its

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