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October 7, 2016 

Deadly Hurricane Matthew is closing in on Florida after killing roughly 300 people in Haiti. We’ve got some answers about the creepy clown hysteria in the US. And Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is the winner of the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.



At least 283 people have been killed by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, according to officials.

The Category 3 storm is expected to slam Florida’s Atlantic Coast.  

US President Barack Obama has declared states of emergency in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued a series of stern warnings about Hurricane Matthew on Thursday, urging people take shelter from a “monster” storm.

“If a direct landfall occurs this will be unlike any hurricane in the modern era,” the US National Weather Service said. The storm is packing flooding rain, battering winds, and dangerous storm surge.

These photos show the devastation Hurricane Matthew has already caused. And this smiling (?) Fox News anchor said the hurricane will kill everyone and their children.

Workers carry a dead body after Hurricane Matthew passed Jeremie, Haiti.

Workers carry a dead body after Hurricane Matthew passed Jeremie, Haiti. Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters



One of Donald Trump’s lawyers said they met with him in pairs to avoid lies.

In a deposition under oath taken in 1993, one of the Republican presidential nominee’s lawyers said they always tried to meet with him in pairs “because Donald says certain things and then has a lack of memory.”

In another 1993 deposition, one of Trump’s lawyers stated outright that a story Trump told about nearly dying in a helicopter crash was “absolutely not true.”


WTF is with the creepy clown hysteria? You have questions, we have answers.

You may have noticed that the US is having a serious ~clown~ crisis (yes, you read that right). It’s got schools on lockdown, parents are paranoid, and the police are pissed off. A teenager was stabbed to death during an alleged dispute over his clown mask in Pennsylvania, and nearly 30 people have been arrested nationwide in connection with clown hoaxes, social media threats, robberies, or stabbings.

At least four schools were forced to go on lockdown and one entire school district had to be shut down due to violent clown-related threats. Dozens of schools have had to ramp up security and absentee rates have increased.

Why has it come to this? Where did it start? How did it all go so wrong? BuzzFeed News has some answers.


Creepy. Tobkatrina / Getty Image

Soylent food bars might be making some people throw up.

Soylent, the company behind the sludgy meal replacement products designed to provide “maximum nutrition with minimal effort,” first introduced the Soylent Bar in August 2016.

Since the snack bar’s launch, a small number of users have claimed they experienced nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea after consuming the bar, which, according to the company, provides 12.5% of daily nutritional requirements. In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Soylent said that after investigating the complaints, it is “very confident in the safety of the bars.”

Photos from Soylent community member Raylingh that show a strange yellow residue on the bar's packaging.

Photos from Soylent community member Raylingh show a strange yellow residue on the bar’s packaging. Via imgur.com



Steven Woolfe

ITV News



My bloody Valentine: Valentine Strasser, once the world’s youngest dictator, ruled Sierra Leone for four turbulent years. But his fall from power left him broken, exiled, and eventually back home as a mysterious and feared recluse. BuzzFeed News makes an uninvited house call.

Inside the box: Blue Apron wants to revolutionize the food system by selling would-be home cooks all the ingredients they need to make a meal without setting foot in the grocery store. But a BuzzFeed News investigation has found that in the rush to scale its supply chain at the speed of startup, the company has had health and safety violations, violent incidents, and unhappy workers at one of its packing facilities.

American girl: Clinics are popping up across the country to help kids as young as 3 years old who might be transgender, but some say it’s too much, too soon. While doctors argue, some families don’t have time to wait.

The challenge of building TV’s best reality show: Over the past 18 years, MTV’s The Challenge has quietly influenced the reality shows we’ve all come to love. Here’s how this bananas-crazy series shaped the genre.

The cast of The Challenge Season 25 (2011).

The cast of The Challenge Season 25 (2011). Ian Spanier Photography / MTV


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