A peek into three Trump bankruptcies


October 6, 2016 

We posted thousands of pages of Donald Trump bankruptcy filings. Residents across the southeastern US coast have cleared out market shelves and boarded up windows in preparation for deadly Hurricane Matthew. And the Obamas have pushed hard to protect their daughter Malia’s privacy — now, at 18, she’s making her own rules.



US presidential election: Why #ThatMexicanThing matters.

Toward the end of Tuesday’s vice presidential debate, after a long exchange on immigration, Tim Kaine kept prodding Mike Pence to defend Donald Trump’s most corrosive statements. He again brought up Trump’s charge that Mexico was sending “criminals and rapists” and Pence was over it. “Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again.”

On social media, Latinos responded by highlighting the sacrifices their families have made in the country, leading both #ThatMexicanThing and #ThatMexicanThingAgain to trend on Twitter.  

The Clinton campaign’s digital operation sprang into action. It says it will continue to use these moments to mobilize voters through events, videos, and SMS text messages just as it did last week after the first presidential debate with Trump’s shaming of Alicia Machado, a 1990s Miss Universe.

"Whip out that Mexican thing again"

Cartoon courtesy of Lalo Alcaraz & Universal Uclick Syndicate


OK, 32 days to go.

We posted thousands of pages of Donald Trump bankruptcy filings — the most complete snapshot of his finances so far. 

The documents are, in particular, court filings from three of his bankruptcies in 1991 and 1992:

A Democratic Congressman from Ohio had a strong message about Trump on Wednesday. “He will gut you, and he will walk over your cold dead body, and he won’t even flinch,” Rep. Tim Ryan said.



Here’s why the UK could be headed for a hard Brexit.

Giving the UK access to the European single market before a trade deal has been struck would be “unacceptable” if the UK introduced work permits, some European governments have warned, BuzzFeed News’ Alberto Nardelli writes.

Meanwhile, Conservative UK prime minister Theresa May has made it clear she will opt for a so-called hard Brexit, prioritizing curbing immigration over remaining in the single market.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has told EU citizens they’re welcome in the UK, in the wake of controversial policy ideas regarding foreign workers that were announced by her Conservative colleagues at the party’s annual conference.

And on Wednesday, as May laid out her vision for a post-Brexit Britain, the prime minister pitched for the Conservative party to occupy the new center ground of UK politics and called Labour the “nasty party” – echoing a famous speech she made 14 years ago.

Donald Tusk on Twitter


McDonald’s staff complain of rampant sexual harassment.

Fifteen women have filed a sexual harassment complaint with US federal authorities against McDonald’s. The workers allege that managers at restaurants across the country have touched them inappropriately, shown them lewd pictures, and offered cash for sexual favors.  

The complaints are the latest step in efforts by the Fight for 15 fast-food worker movement to hold the country’s second-largest private employer responsible for working conditions at its franchised restaurants.

Charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are the latest move in a four-year war between McDonald's and the Fight For 15 worker movement.

Fight For 15 / Via fightfor15.org


Malia through the years.

Gary Hershorn / Reuters / Joe Klamar / AFP / Getty Images / White House


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