“Taco trucks on every corner”


September 2, 2016

Republicans have largely abandoned discussions of a late push to win over Latinos. Hurricane Hermine has made landfall in Florida. And Venezuelans gathered to tell their president to leave office.



Melania Trump is suing the Daily Mail and a political blogger for $150 million.

The lawsuit regards stories that claimed she had previously worked as a “high-end escort” and that she suffered from a “full-blown nervous breakdown” due to the stress of campaigning, according to her complaint.

The lawsuit states the US Republican presidential nominee’s wife is suing each outlet for “in excess” of $75,000 — her lawyer said she will seek $150 million. The Daily Mail responded to the suit publishing a lengthy retraction, and Webster Griffin Tarpley, who runs political website Tarpley.net, responded by saying Trump’s lawsuit against him is “without merit.”

Melania lawyer is Charles Harder, who was Hulk Hogan’s lawyer against Gawker.

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US presidential election: Republicans have largely abandoned discussions of a late push to win over Latino voters. 

After Donald Trump’s hard-line immigration speech, in which he vowed to intensify the deportation of undocumented immigrants and build a wall along the border with Mexico, Republicans are instead focusing on a new question: Which white voters can the candidate still reach?

Meanwhile, Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez warned of “taco trucks on every corner” like it was a bad thing.

A little extra: Immigrant advocates watching Donald Trump double down on his immigration policy in Phoenix after an apparent “softening” on the issue in the days leading up to his speech had only one thing to say: told you so. And after Trump’s immigration speech, Mark Gonzalez, who represents 10,000 Latino evangelical churches, said he won’t join Trump’s Hispanic advisory council.

Extreme weather: Hermine is the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida in 11 years.

The Category 1 storm hit the state early Friday — around 1:30 a.m. local time — and was packing winds of 80 miles per hour. On Thursday, residents were urged to prepare as Hermine barreled toward the state, prompting evacuations and officials to warn of a “life-threatening” situation.

Satellite shows Hurricane Hermine strengthening in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday.

Satellite shows Hurricane Hermine strengthening in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday. NOAA



Georgetown University will offer preferential consideration to descendants of slaves the school sold.

The institution sold 272 slaves in 1838 in order to pay off its debts and keep the university afloat, the New York Times reported. University President John DeGioia said he’d formally apologize, create an institute for the study of slavery, and build a public memorial.  

In 1838, the university fell on hard times financially. Then-presidents Rev. Thomas Mulledy and Rev. William McSherry decided to sell 272 slaves for the modern-day equivalent of $3.3 million. Of that amount, $500,000 satisfied the university’s debt. The sold slaves were taken from Maryland and moved to Louisiana.



  • Poland hopes Brexit could stop Poles from leaving home and coming to work in the UK. “We would like to incentivise well-educated, creative people not to come here to work in a pub,” the country’s deputy prime minister told BuzzFeed News during a visit to London.

  • Junior doctors in the UK will stage five-day walkouts every month for the rest of the year over a contract dispute.

  • A year after an image of refugee boy Alan Kurdi washed up dead on a beach in Turkey shook the world, his father says nothing has changed.

  • A SpaceX rocket exploded at its Florida launch site during tests on Thursday. It was supposed to take a satellite for Facebook’s Internet.org program into orbit.

  • Samsung has stopped sales of its Galaxy Note7 after reported cases of batteries catching fire while charging.

  • JetBlue mixed up two 5-year-olds and put them on the wrong planes. The airliner refunded the flights and offered the families credits toward future flights.

  • A federal judge threw out a copyright lawsuit on Thursday over Beyoncé’s Lemonade trailer. An independent filmmaker had claimed the singer lifted images of his short film and used them in her viral trailer, but the judge ultimately dismissed the suit.

  • Venezuelans from around the country gathered to tell their president to leave office.

  • Swiping right: Here are America’s sexiest ranked college football schools, according to Tinder.
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