“International pariah”


September 14, 2016 

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell blasted Donald Trump in his private emails. Former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres, 93, suffered a “massive stroke.” And we take a look at Apple’s new iPhone and operating system.



Colin Powell called Donald Trump “a national disgrace” and an “international pariah” in personal emails seen by BuzzFeed News.

In an August email sent to a journalist who was once his aide, Powell blasted the Republican nominee for embarking on a “racist” movement. The website DCLeaks.com — which, according to unconfirmed reports, has ties to Russian intelligence services — obtained Powell’s emails.

“I have no further comment. I’m not denying it,” Powell told BuzzFeed News. He also expressed frustration regarding Hillary Clinton’s camp. Powell said the Democratic nominee’s “minions” were trying to drag him into her email controversies.

“Yup, the whole birther movement was racist,” Powell wrote in an email. “That’s what the 99% believe. When Trump couldn’t keep that up he said he also wanted to see if the certificate noted that he was a Muslim.”

“Yup, the whole birther movement was racist,” Powell wrote in an email. “That’s what the 99% believe. When Trump couldn’t keep that up he said he also wanted to see if the certificate noted that he was a Muslim.” Paul Morigi / Getty Images


And a little extra. 

Republicans are privately panicking at the “terrifying” prospect of a Trump win. “I’ve heard a lot of conservatives voicing frustration, like, ‘How fucking hard is this, Hillary?’” Ben Howe, a conservative ad-maker and an outspoken Trump detractor, told BuzzFeed News. “I’m losing faith in Hillary’s ability to win this easy-ass election.”

And Trump unveiled a child care plan on Tuesday that is likely to face some opposition from his own party, although his supporters believe the Republican nominee will figure out a way to pay for it without raising the national debt. The proposal would offer six weeks of paid maternity leave for mothers who do not already get leave from their employers.

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson said he’ll be the first third-party presidential candidate to appear on the ballot in all 50 states, including Washington, DC, since 1996.


OK, we used the new iPhone 7 and TBH, no headphone jack wasn’t that bad.

BuzzFeed News’ Nicole Nguyen tested the device and figured that a phone is more than the sum of its ports. You can find the full review here. Some main takeaways:

  • The new Lightning-connected headset feels exactly the same as the EarPods that have shipped with iPhones since 2012.

  • One major downside: The phone can’t be charged and plugged into headphones without an accessory.

  • Apple is finally ending untimely iPhone death as the result of accidental toilet drops or slips in the pool. Both devices are now rated to depths of one meter and 30 minutes of submersion.

  • The camera is better-ish. And 3D touch is more fun on the new phone.

  • And here’s the review for the “Series 2” version of the Apple Watch.

And iOS 10 is here.  

The new operating system is now available for iPhones and iPads and features big updates to iMessage, the Photos app, and Siri. Default apps like the Stocks app can finally be removed from the homescreen. We repeat, you can now delete the Stocks app. This is not a drill. You are free.

This is not a drill: You can delete the Stocks App ~now~

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed



Former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres, 93, suffered a “massive stroke.” 

He was sedated and put on a respirator, the New York Times reports. Peres is in “critical but stable” condition, his doctor said. But, the newspaper reported, “his chances of recovery remained uncertain.”

Peres made seeking an Israeli-Palestinian peace his life work.

Peres made seeking an Israeli-Palestinian peace his life work. Photograph by Gali Tibbon


Australia’s marriage equality vote.

More than a year since former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said marriage equality would be put to a national vote, there’s some information on what that vote might look like. The government wants to hold the plebiscite — a fancy word for vote — on Feb. 11, and give the “yes” and “no” sides $7.5 million each to make their cases. The question the government is proposing to ask is: Do you support a change in the law to allow same-sex couples to marry?

There’s no guarantee the vote will actually happen. The government needs the opposition Labor party’s support to get the bill through parliament, and Labor is playing hardball. It says the vote is unnecessary and expensive, and will hurt LGBT people. So at the moment it looks like the bill will be blocked in the Senate, meaning gay Aussies still have no idea if or when they’ll ever be able to get married.  —BuzzFeed Australia’s Rob Stott



  • US Army officials told Chelsea Manning she will be provided with gender transition surgery, her lawyer told BuzzFeed News. Manning is currently serving a 35-year prison sentence for violating the Espionage Act.

  • A transgender immigrant from Mexico who’s been granted asylum in the US is suing Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence and three Indiana officials over a law banning noncitizens from name changes.

  • A Russian group has released the hacked medical files of several US Olympic athletes, including Simone Biles, Elena Delle Donne, and the Williams sisters.  

  • Meet Rayouf Alhumedhi, a 15 year-old student in Berlin who is petitioning the Unicode Consortium (the technical group that oversees the evolution of emojis) for a hijab emoji.

  • Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have stepped down as the presenters of The Great British Bake Off. The news comes a day after it was revealed that the massively popular UK TV show will leave the BBC at the end of the year.

  • And a new study shows that the sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to downplay the link between sugar and heart disease — blaming saturated fat instead. (You can read the Sugar Association’s response here.)

Candy for dinner?

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