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September 15, 2016 

Donald Trump revealed the results of his physical exam in a pre-taped segment of The Dr. Oz Show. The UK wants to split the single market and free movement — the two biggest issues surrounding Brexit —  into separate talks. And meet the giant (sex-crazed) tortoise who pretty much singlehandedly saved his entire species.



Colin Powell blasted Donald Trump’s chief military adviser as “right-wing nutty” and “a jerk” and called Trump a “know nothing” in private emails.

Retired Gen. Michael Flynn has been advising Trump and is a close confidant of the Republican presidential nominee. The former US Secretary of State and his son, former FCC chairman Michael Powell, were discussing Flynn’s speech to the Republican National Convention, where he led a chant of “lock her up” about Hillary Clinton.

Colin Powell also referred to Trump as a “know nothing,” who appealed to the worst actors in the Republican Party, and compared him to TV host Jerry Springer.

And a little extra  

Trump on Wednesday shared with The Dr. Oz Show the results of his physical examination performed last week. The reveal, which airs today, comes after two days of confusion on whether he’d show his test results to the celebrity doctor. BuzzFeed News’ Virginia Hughes explains why going on Dr. Oz is a genius play by Trump.

Dr. Mehmet Oz (left) and Trump. Conflicting reports put Trump’s weight at 236 or 267 pounds, which are both considered overweight for his 6-foot-3 frame.

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Trump. Conflicting reports put Trump’s weight at 236 or 267 pounds, which are both considered overweight for his 6’ 3” frame. Sony Pictures Television


Trump suggested his rival Hillary Clinton lacks the stamina to lead a large rally, days after her campaign said she had been diagnosed with pneumonia. Clinton’s campaign released new information about her health: “She continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the United States,” her doctor said.  



The UK wants to split the single market and free movement — the two biggest issues of Brexit — into separate talks. 

Senior European Union government sources said the UK was aiming to split the negotiations in an attempt to explore tradeoffs between the two.

But one European head of government told BuzzFeed News: “I don’t think anyone will take the bait.”

Details of Britain’s early negotiation manoeuvres have emerged ahead of a meeting of the other 27 remaining governments in Bratislava on Friday — a meeting to which the UK has not been invited.

Britain’s prime minister Theresa May and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny at a joint news conference.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny at a joint news conference. Pool New / Reuters


The underground neo-Nazi promo campaign behind Adult Swim’s alt-right comedy show.

Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, the notorious white nationalist hacker and troll, appears to have sent violent neo-Nazi pamphlets promoting Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, a show on Adult Swim with a massive alt-right fanbase, to open printers around the US, BuzzFeed News’ Joe Bernstein writes. (Warning: detailed descriptions.)

Last month, printers at the University of California, Santa Cruz and elsewhere spontaneously disgorged a single sheet of paper bearing swastikas and rows of black and white text containing references to the show.

Members of the sketch comedy troupe who created the show are the preferred court jesters of the alt-right — the pro-Trump online movement that prizes offensive speech, believes white people in America are imperiled, and churns out memes at a metastatic pace.



  • LGBT news: Indonesia may soon ban Grindr and over 80 other platforms as part of an unprecedented crackdown on LGBT rights.

  • US President Barack Obama has said he’ll lift all remaining sanctions against Myanmar, in an effort to reward the country’s move toward democracy after decades of military rule, the New York Times reports. And Obama will create the first marine national monument covering thousands of square miles in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Sexual assault on campus: A University of Richmond student says that a dean thought it “reasonable” for an accused rapist to continue penetrating her after she told him to stop. The school denies it, but students and alumni are demanding an apology and reform.

  • Apple news: An Apple Music executive says the company has no current plans to acquire Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service or any other rivals. And the company says initial quantities of the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 “Jet Black” finish are sold out.


This is Diego, a Galapagos giant tortoise who pretty much saved his entire species from extinction with his insatiable lust for booty. Diego is over 100 years old and has fathered an estimated 800 offspring, according to AFP. The sex-crazed tortoise is a Chelonoidis hoodensis, a species found only on Española in the Galapagos Islands. Legend.

Bless you, Diego, you stud.

There were only two males and a dozen females of the species left on the island about 50 years ago. But largely through Diego’s efforts at a nearby breeding center, along with six females in his enclosure, the tortoises have bounced back, numbering in the thousands. Rodrigo Buendia / AFP / Getty Images


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