Carlson v. Ailes


September 7, 2016 

Fox News settled former host Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit against ex-CEO Roger Ailes for a reported $20 million. A $1.1 billion Zika response bill failed to pass in the US Senate. And #Hiddleswift is no more.



Bill Cosby could face as many as 13 accusers in his upcoming trial, set for June 2017.

At a pretrial hearing on Tuesday, prosecutors introduced a motion to have the women, who have accused Cosby of sexual assault, as witnesses in the trial.

Cosby was charged in December 2015 with drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand, a Temple University employee, in 2004. Nearly 60 women have publicly accused the comedian of sexual assault — but this is the first time criminal charges have been brought against him.

Bill Cosby leaves the courthouse in 2016.

Bill Cosby leaves the courthouse in 2016. Dominick Reuter / AFP / Getty Images


US presidential election: 61 days to go — here’s what’s up.

  • Donald Trump: Congressional Republicans are still unsure about Trump’s immigration policy — or outright don’t want to discuss their nominee’s policy — days after his major speech on the issue and after weeks of uncertainty.

  • Hillary Clinton sees no problem with her daughter, Chelsea, staying at the Clinton Foundation if she wins the election. Bill Clinton has said he’d step down.

  • And why does this Democratic progressive group have close ties to a pro-Trump PAC?



Fox News settled former host Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit against ex-CEO Roger Ailes for a reported $20 million.

The network said it agreed to settle the suit on behalf of Ailes, Vanity Fair reported. Fox News also apologized to Carlson in a statement.

The former Fox & Friends co-host alleged Ailes sexually harassed her and refused to renew her contract as retaliation for refusing his advances. Six other women accused Ailes of sexual harassment after Carlson came forward. In July, Ailes stepped down as CEO of Fox News and received $40 million as a part of a settlement package.

The network also announced the departure of anchor Greta Van Susteren after 14 years in the wake of Ailes’ resignation.

For an inside look into the Ailes saga, read this New York Magazine piece.

US college ITT Tech will abruptly close all its campuses, with 43,000 students needing to find a new school.

It’s the biggest-ever shutdown of a US college. The closure follows new Education Department sanctions on the for-profit college company, which has been under pressure from regulators for years.

ITT blamed the Education Department for “a complete disregard … for due process,” saying in a statement that the government’s actions would leave its students, and 8,000 employees, in the cold.



  • US politics: A $1.1 billion Zika response bill failed to pass in the Senate. It was the third time a funding bill for the health crisis stalled, marked by partisan bickering over the spread of a disease linked to severe birth defects. And the House approved a historic bill of rights for survivors of sexual assault on Tuesday, enshrining a set of rules for how they should be treated when they come forward.

  • Global migration crisis: Nearly half of all refugees are children, according to Unicef.

  • In tech: Facebook​ recently changed its​ privacy policy. Here are three settings you should ​check out right now. This is what you need to know about LG’s newest smartphone, the LG V20, which’ll be the first device to ship with Android 7.0 Nougat, ahead of Google’s own Nexus devices. And here’s what to expect from Apple’s iPhone 7 event (spoiler alert: Say goodbye to the headphone jack).

  • #Hiddleswift: After about three months, it looks like Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are splitting up. Farewell, Hiddleswift, we’ll fondly remember your random but ~passionate~ love affair.

Hiddleswift is no more

No more. FameFlynetUK


In today’s “the internet is a weird place” news, people can’t stop watching a video of people doing interpretive dance with cats. “Cats,” as the video has been aptly named, has been on YouTube since 2011, but really took off on Monday when blogger Messy Nessy shared it on Facebook. It’s an experience. So yeah, there’s that. IDK.

Ehhh yeah so ok there's this

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