Chasing ISIS


August 22, 2016

As multiple attacks rocked Europe, BuzzFeed News spoke to the people shuttling between investigating the crimes that had already happened and struggling to prevent new ones. In a private meeting with Hispanic leaders, Donald Trump suggested he may be open to legalization for undocumented immigrants. And the Olympic Games officially came to a close.



Why Europe can’t find the jihadis in its midst.

A small, well-organized ISIS cell has been at work in the heart of Europe for years, recruiting criminals, exploiting freedom of movement, and evading counterterrorism efforts.

This spring and summer, as multiple attacks rocked Europe, BuzzFeed News’ Mitch Prothero spoke to the people shuttling between investigating the crimes that had already happened and struggling to prevent new ones.

Prothero uncovered connections between a small cell of French-speaking militants, responsible for attacks in France and Belgium, and how a futile four-month manhunt for Europe's most wanted man only came to an end when the Belgians called on the NSA for help.

Clay Rodery for BuzzFeed News


Athletes gathered for one final celebration in Rio as the Olympic Games officially came to a close.

  • The USA crushed the medal tally with a total of 121. China, the UK, Russia, and Germany rounded out the top five.

  • Team USA’s women gymnasts were recognized among the “Heroes of the Games” in the closing ceremony. Four-time gold medal champion Simone Biles was her country’s flag-bearer.

  • Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, dressed as Mario as the Games were handed over to Tokyo.

  • Taekwondo athlete Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin made history by becoming the first Iranian woman to ever win an Olympic medal.

  • Usain Bolt led Jamaica’s relay team to victory in the 4x100-meter race, winning his ninth gold medal and pulling off a triple-triple.

  • And Brazil (finally) won gold for soccer at the Olympics and everyone cried.

We put together a wrap-up of the best photos and moments from the Olympics here.  Mark Humphrey/Andre Penner/AP/Ezra Shaw/Getty/Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

The Lochtegate saga isn't over yet 

US swimmer Ryan Lochte said he “over-exaggerated” his initial story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio, and blamed his “immature behavior” for what has become an international incident. All four swimmers involved will face a disciplinary committee formed by the International Olympic Committee over the false robbery story.



The latest from the US presidential election.

The Trump campaign disputes that Donald Trump is open to legalization after members of his Hispanic advisory council said he suggested he was open to figuring out a humane and efficient manner of dealing with undocumented immigrants already in the country, ahead of a major immigration speech this week.

“Mr. Trump said nothing today that he hasn’t said many times before, including in his convention speech — enforce the laws, uphold the Constitution, be fair and humane while putting American workers first,” Steven Cheung with the Trump campaign wrote. Eric Thayer / Reuters

And a little extra 

Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort resigned from his position on Friday following a staff shakeup earlier in the week and increasing scrutiny over his ties to Russia and Ukraine.

A Trump family connection raises questions for tech investor Josh Kushner. And former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani told people to ignore the media and google conspiracy we did.



Dee Dee wanted her daughter to be sick, Gypsy wanted her mom to be murdered.

Dee Dee Blancharde was a model parent: a single mother taking care of her gravely ill daughter, Gypsy. They were celebrated by local newspapers and charities. They received a Habitat for Humanity house, trips to Disney, and even a meet-and-greet with country superstar Miranda Lambert.

Turns out, Gypsy was never sick at all — her mother had been forcing her to pretend she was sick her whole life, possibly as a case of Munchausen by proxy. Killing her mother, Gypsy determined, was her only way to escape.

    Corey Brickley for BuzzFeed News



    • World news: Europe is already moving on from Brexit. Turkey’s president said that Saturday’s suicide bombing that killed at least 51 people near an outdoor wedding was carried out by a child aged between 12 and 14. And this is why Doctors Without Borders is pulling out of northern Yemen.

    • Tech: Facebook’s new camera-first app is all about getting teens to share videos of themselves. Online scam artists are using hoaxes about terrorist attacks to make money. And cybersecurity is broken and the hacks are going to just keep on coming.

    • Frank Ocean finally dropped his new album after over a year of driving people insane.

    Yep, Frank thanked everyone for not letting him forget he had to finish his album. Getty Images


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